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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  June 4, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. we've got the best videos the web has to offer, "right this minute." >> taxi driver needs a lift in the worst way. but rescuers just can't reach him. what they had to bring in next was a crane. see the dude who risked his life to pull a stranger from the raging waters. >> note to self, do not chitchat on side of road if you are ever in -- >> moscow, russia. >> see why. he's a guy who's all wrapped up in hang gliding. >> what is that cocoon-looking thing? >> and most importantly, what happens when he lands? and it's the vending machine from hell, because it never
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gives us what we want. >> a3 gives us a8. >> see how many tries until we crack the code. >> oh, i got it! in china, a tricky rescue because of an overflowed dam. you see a taxi driver stuck in rising floodwaters, had to bail out of his vehicle, obviously. now, these aren't just like some still, easy floodwaters. look at these things, it looks like raging rapids. >> do i see two people in the water? >> that was actually the driver's female passenger. she was able to float down to a more shallow part of the river where rescue workers were able to save her. the driver was stuck in these floodwaters for more than an hour. we got this video from ipn news. of course rescue crews show up at the scene.
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the first attempt to get this guy to safety failed. i think they tried to maybe throw a rope out to him or something. that didn't work. what they had to bring in next was a crane and had to dangle one of these rescue workers over this guy to give this guy a life jacket. eventually able to kind of scoop him up and pull him over to safety. fortunately, he was uninjured after this whole incident. >> uninjured, but scared out of his mind. >> and in need of a new taxi, because i don't think you're going to save that thing. on this show we've heard of babies being born in cars and other interesting places. we haven't had this yet. she got a call from her sister who said i'm about to have the baby. >> i said how long have you been having contractions? she said since last night. >> she'd been in labor for a lo? >> i don't know, you ask her. >> look where she had the baby. >> in the bathroom? >> on the toilet. >> what? >> she said her sister had the baby on the toilet. >> it's very small in there.
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and the paramedics -- even the cop had it on his hands. it was tough for them to maneuver in the bathroom. >> mom and baby are okay. the baby did not drown. get this, she says yeah, some people might think this is unusual but not in my family. >> my younger brother was born in the bathroom toilet, so it's not unusual for me to hear. >> but there's bacteria and stuff in the toilet. you don't want your newborn falling in the toilet. >> hopefully they had a clean bowl. >> honestly it's not like they had the baby in the toilet and let him swim around down there. i'm sure they scooped him out and took him to the hospital right away. >> it must be a tradition, we have our babies in the toilet. some people do hospitals, some people do bathtubs. >> for that kid, everything is looking up from here. you start your life in the toilet, every day is going to be better than your first day. this video shows an attack that is being handled as a hate
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crime by los angeles police. there ses to be some sort of verbalconfroation. three o them walk away o of the that hooded sweatshirt, runs back towards the other two with a weapon and ends up stabbing one of those two guys in the stomach. >> oh, my gosh! >> the friend of one of the men that has been stabbed runs behind the assailant. once the guy in the hooded sweatshirt realizes he's being followed, he turns around and takes a swing at the second man striking him on his hip fracturing his pelvis. both men were treated at a hospital and they were released. >> police are saying this is a hate crime because the suspects made derogatory remarks regarding the victim's sexual orientation. >> that's awful. i mean you're going to make the remarks and then attack them too? >> i cannot believe in this day and age, we have people who are willing to injure someone because they don't like what they're gay. >> but get this, a blogger, your friend savannah, apparently
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she's a friend of the two victims, and she says on her blog they're not even gay, they just support gay rights and sometimes they wear pins and colorful clothing that represents their support for the gay community. >> i maimagine the police are after these guys, though. >> police hope someone recognizes these people involved in this crime and do call the lapd. i have a couple of videos for you guys. this one is from moscow, russia. out for a sunday drive. watch closely. it looks like everything is normal but, wait. and there it just all falls to pieces. >> oh, my. >> wow. >> did you notice anything in common? >> it looks like a bunch of bmws. >> this is a bmw car club gathering to go out for a sunday cruise through moscow. and, you know, one guy gets a little shape, which gets another guy out of shape which gets a whole group of them out of
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shape. three people were injured, but none seriously. >> the last thing you want to happen. you're out to show off your cars, hang out with your buddies, don't want any fender-benders. >> did he put the wrong blinker on when he moved over to the right? >> no. he put the right blinker on but he didn't wait. >> another part of russia, you never want to chitchat on the side of the road when you're on your way to a wedding. >> oh, my! >> incredible that no one was killed in this accident. >> it looks like maybe the car that hit into these people were trying to dodge that big truck. >> and the truck gave the warning. there was a horn but you never think that a car is coming directly at you when you hear that. >> it's hard to tell what started this but this car coming from the opposite direction of the camera just barrels into the two cars that are parked on the side of the road. this whole group of people -- if i ever go to russia, i'm going to be really careful. i'm taking public
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transportation. >> yeah, like that's going to be much better. so, just how many ways are there to open a beer bottle? >> oh, nail gun? >> how to video that could be your next beer friend next. what do we have here? >> a little morning love. no one complains about that. >> until the kid shows up. see how he directs the ♪
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most of us open our beer bottles like this, or if you're fancy drinking an import, you know how you get the bottle opener. well, not adam young and chris summers. a little film collaboration these guys put together, 50 different ways to open a beer bottle. i've got to say, they get super creative. >> the problem is when you break it because then you've got little glass bits inside your beer. >> true. this guy is using his forearm to
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open it. they actually use a can of beer to open another beer. >> an ipod. >> that was a machete they just used to open a corona. >> awesome. >> i usually can't fit the machete in my pocket. >> oh, a nail gun? >> and a lot of those are wasting a little too much beer, though. i see beer going everywhere. >> 50 things in total. if you want to check out the entire video, head to our website, if you have your own ideas on how to open a beer bottle, send them to us, serious cat.
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>> i'm going to let them take us on a little tour of the valley in slovenia with a hang glider. >> this looks like so much fun. >> it does, and it looks so beautiful. you've got snow to the right, you've got green, lush valleys to the left. >> he's in like a cocoon-looking thing. >> what is that, is that normal for a hang glider? >> i don't know what they call it. but that's their harness that they hang from. >> it's like we've truly turned ourselves into like bugs, like dragon flies and everything when you have this kind of gear flying through the sky. >> and he is not motorized. he is literally just hanging on this thing and gliding through the sky. >> and he's flying on the drafts too, the updrafts of the wind. so he's not just gliding down. he can stay up there for as long
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as he wants. >> i went to his website and he was talking about i went up and i was really cold so i decided to drop back down so i warmed up again. it is not exactly like warm and sunshine. you've got to wear special gear to do this. >> how do you land when you have that cocoon thing? >> he's going to show us how he lands. >> how he's like evolving back into a human. >> that's right. his knees are coming out. he gets close to the ground and boom, boom, boom. he does a couple of skips and he's on the ground. you know what time it is? >> real or fake? real or fake? real or fake? >> yep. and first up -- >> dude gets hit by a pool stick. >> oh! >> but is it real or a really bad setup? >> it makes no sense. and it's a story of best buds. >> since the very first meeting, they became instant friends. >> meet them on "right this
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all right, everybody, it's time for our favorite purveyor of fine pixillation from the internet. >> real or fake? real or fake? >> we're going to kick it right off. first video, hooligan goes blind. >> oh!
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>> like a bottle rocket or something. >> it looked to me like a flare blows up right in this guy's face. >> you know, don't look down the barrel of the thing. >> that's like handling rockets 101, don't do that. >> that's just a dumb move. >> and, you know, nobody cares. if you look around, you know, after it all goes down, it's like who really cares about this guy's face. >> that kind of dumb is real. >> you can't fake that. >> unanimous, real stupid. next video, dude gets hit by pool stick. >> oh! >> another one of those dumb, so dumb it's got to be real. >> like what are these guys doing? they look like grown men. >> it makes no sense. one guy takes a pool cue, stabs it into the lawn and does his best cal ripken on it. >> he could have literally impaled his friend and killed him. >> listen to his buddy's
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reaction, i love it. >> stupid! >> that sums it up. >> i think they set out to do exactly what they did. they want to get the hot clip. somebody gets hurt. >> so you think maybe this is a setup of stupidity? >> yeah. i mean they were hitting a pool stick directly at the guy's face and it hit him. they got the shot. >> the friend almost died but they got the shot. >> so the third one we're going to switch it up and it's not going to be quite so dumb. >> let's get smart. turn anything into a controller. a couple of guys show you can turn anything into a game controller. including bits ofplay-doh with thisimplev alligator clips. mario brothers controller. >> that's cool. >> very real and really cool. >> pretty cool stuff, definitely
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real, definitely cool. >> definitely real. all three clips real. one of them smart, two real dumb. >> thanks, brother. we love having you. >> love you guys. it's getting hot out, guys. people are getting desperate to stay cool. desperate enough to commit crimes like this guy in philadelphia. we've actually seen something like this before. surveillance video of this dude trying to steal this giant air conditioning unit. the video was released by the philadelphia police. this is in the kensington neighborhood. apparently he made off with this thing despite its size. you see it kicking the thing and stomping on it to dislocate it. >> he's lucky he didn't dislocate his foot because that's a heavy piece of equipment. >> at one thing when he's yanking at some cords and stuff you, see some sparks fly out. >> he's lucky he didn't electrocute himself. >> it's not like those outdoor
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air conditioners that you plug into a wall. they're hard wired into the circuitry of the house so of course he's going to get zapped. the video doesn't show the guy picking it up or how he got it out of here but philadelphia police are saying this was indeed a theft and are looking for help identifying the suspect. >> if i walked into my house and it was hot because someone stole by ac, i would go postal. i've heard that parents when they have kids really cherish their alone time. >> hey. >> look at this couple. it's 6:15 in the morning. they try to get some loving in. >> hey, now. oh. >> it's a very organic moment here. >> a little morning love, no one complains about that. except -- oops, their son walks in. >> i'm sorry, but this is just not working. i need much more from both of you.
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when you kiss each other, make it feel like you've never met before and, daddy, i need more excitement, more passion, more feeling. i need conviction. now, i want the same again but different. >> so are you saying that their son is directing their love scene? >> this is a commercial for the advertising festival's young director award. the message is saying, you know, when you're a director, you're a director since you're very small. >> and in the case of the accent, mummy. >> some women don't like to have the lights on and the little boy tells the mom -- >> remember, mommy, the light is your friend. >> message to all ladies out there. the light is your friend. >> the ceremony for the young director award is taking place in cannes, june 21st.
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playing russian roulette with a vending machine. >> we want a 4, shall we try a 6? >> yeah, try a-6. >> a-6 gets you a-7. >> it's the machine that has a mind of its own. see if we can crack its code, next. >> oh, i got it! [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability
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if you have a custom car it's all about being unique.
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this is a japanese design company that special is in porsches. this guy here is the creator and designer of these really slick porsche bodies. he designs and develops custom cars for his customers. [ speaking foreign language ] >> his name is naki son and he combines japanese and european tuning elements. his designs have got a lot of tention. they are going global. he just opened a design studio in californian yoursto him and get it totally -- >> like in black and gold for the steelers? >> i think he'll do whatever you want him to. >> if you can afford a 911, do you need to trick it out? all right, change of pace here. we're in the hallways of the "right this minute" studios.
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apparently this vending machine has been giving a lot of our employees a lot of problems. we know this because one of our editors, kevin, freaks out every night when he doesn't get the right drink. there's kevin right there. now, i guess you go in, you want a snapple, one of these snapples, it gives you something else. so we're going to use our boss's credit card and see how many tries until we get what we actually want. a-4, raspberry tea. raspberry tea snapple. a-4. oh, it's going up to a-6. a-4, we're getting a-6. wanted raspberry tea, got mango madness. >> if we want a 4, should we try a-6. >> a-6 -- a-3 gives us a-8. >> so oddball. >> d-4 gives us d-4. a-2 gives us a-9.
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how do we crack this code? oh, let's try again. we got a-2. but kevin's favorite but still not a-3. all right. it's a small victory. kevin, yay! here we go. we're going to try a-seven to see if we get a-4. oh, my god, are you serious? >> the magic formformula, a-7 tt a-4. it is a russian roulette of snapple. >> you never know what you're going to get. >> how we're going to go to the bar. >> this is one of those it's so cute it's killing me with cuteness videos. it's a cute little rescue cat. his name is thomas o'malley and his best friend is this gorgeous-looking, already a rescue, his name is merkin.
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look at the amount of cuddling that goes on with these two. >> fluffer pants is a lover. >> thomas o'malley fluffer pants is on his back putting his paws on him, nuzzling his head. >> this is a very patient, loving dog. they're not long-time friends. they actually were introduced to each other two months ago. since the very first meeting, they became instant friends. check out this video, it's the first meeting. so fluffer pants comes out of the cupboard and slowly walks over to merkin. >> merkin is like the best dog in the world. doesn't even get up. >> oh. >> get your hands off! >> and immediately merkin became very protective of little fluffer pants. >> it's that bond they have. the commonality of being rescues. they both know the hardships that they have, they both know
3:58 pm
what they have gone through and each other's pain. >> i am very glad that they found a cozy little home for each other. >> how cute is that? >> it's so cute it's killing me with cuteness. that's our show for today. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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